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Relgoth is the capital city of the province of Vingaard on the Plains of Solamnia in Solamnia. The city is located along the Knight's High Road, northwest of Delgaard and southeast of Ryn along a branch of the Vingaard River. Relgoth is located in a dry, bowl-shaped valley, where the city is about a mile away from the crest of the valley. The city is led by the Lord of Relgoth.


The third son of a Lord of Vingaard founded Relgoth in the year 940 PC. The son realized he wouldn't get anything being the third son, so he packed up his belonging, and with some fellow nobles and serfs traveled from Vingaard Keep and created a farming community near the Vingaard Mountains.

By the year 250 PC, the Old City portion of the city had a wall built around it and it was already grown to full capacity. The lord who ordered the wall built died during the creating of the wall and it was said that his spirit merged with the wall, making the city impregnable.

Little more of the history was known during that time until after the War of the Lance. Following that war, the city experienced a large boom once they discovered many mineral deposits near by. So with all this new growth going on, the city leaders chose to expand the city leading almost to the bankruptcy of the city, but in the end it paid off.

By the time of the Chaos War the city was packed to capacity with merchants, farmers, and other new settlers. During the War though, shadow-wights wiped out many of the people of the city.

Age of Mortals

During the occupation by the Dark Knights, many of the citizens either fled the city or were used to create Blue Spawn for Skie. The remaining citizens of the city would be used as slave labor for the Knights. So many of the buildings were left in ruins or just vacant in New City, while the buildings of Old City were used to house most of the Dark Knights troops of Tarmak, mercenaries, and Draconians.

In 414 AC there was a Dark Knight stronghold in the city called the Bastion of Darkness, where they were creating Blue Spawn. The Heroes of the Heart arrived and put a stop to it, destroying the stronghold in the process.

It is unknown what happened in the city during the War of Souls, but following the war the Dark Knights tried to hold on to their power over the city. They made the people remove all the black sand from the city. When Bakkard du Chagne led the liberation of Solamnia in 422 AC, the city of Relgoth was also freed . It is unknown what is going on at the city today.

Buildings of Relgoth

Bastion of Darkness
Castle Rel
The Gates
Walls of Relgoth

Geographical Areas

New City (Relgoth)
Noble Quarter (Relgoth)
Old City (Relgoth)

Roads and Streets of Relgoth

Knight's Road
Vingaard Road

Kender Tales

Some reports have the city being in the Northern Wastes and in ruins, but it was never located there.


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