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Daemonlords are a foul denizen of the Abyss that served the armies of Chaos during the Summer of Chaos. Daemonlords live for the sole purpose of killing and destroying, often toying with their victims for long periods of time. The foul demons can only be drawn to Krynn by offering a number of blood sacrifices as well as at least six daemon warriors offering up their lives willingly.


One notable gift of the daemonlords is to harness the power of pollution, forming it into flying vessels known as Chaos Clouds, from which they can roam the world and rain terror on the heads of their enemies. Daemonlords stand at nine to ten feet tall, have two great clawed hands and a savage maw to bite their foes. The final gift of the Daemonlords is their transfixing stare which can paralyse their enemies in battle.


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