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Article written by Paul Record, Darastrix Ar Thurirl, Uziel

The Yaggol are a race of degenerate, squid-like creatures from the wilds of Neron, a dark, steamy jungle in southern Taladas. The history of their civilization stretches back to the end of the first age of Krynn. Their empire thrived at the same time as the High Ogres of Ansalon founded their own empire. Legends state that their race came from Beyond, destined to rule over other races.

A Yaggol by Darastric Ar Thurirl.
EnlargeA Yaggol by Darastric Ar Thurirl.

Enslaving the Cha'asii elves, the yaggol ruled over the continent with a nightmarish will, but this all came to end when the cha'asii learned how to defeat the mind powers of the yaggol. A great war was fought, and the empire crumbled as both sides nearly wiped each other out. The yaggol's society broke down, degenerating into barbarism. All that remains of their once proud civilization is broken ruins like those found in Akh-Tazi. In place of their former society, two castes formed: the common savages and the rare elite.

After the shattering of the empire, an uneasy truce was struck, only broken by skirmishes and murder. The cha'asii went their separate ways; establishing villages like Ke-Cha-Yat where they could live in peace from the yaggol. This would all change with the coming of Gloomwing, a former Othlorx Black Dragon that joined with the Faceless Brethren, the cult followers of Maladar an-Desh.

The cha'asii elves have a different name for the yaggol calling them akitu-shai, Crawling Maws, an apt name given their appearance. Savage yaggol are larger and stronger than their rare, smaller brothers are. The elite yaggol is physically weak, come in many colors, and have white blood. Their heads are bulbous, with empty, white, or jet-black eyes. In place of a mouth, they have writhing, fleshy tentacles that in circle a maw. Needle-like teeth ring the maw and line the upper part of the tentacles.

Compared to their savage brothers, elite yaggol are powerful mystical and mental beings. They can use a range of powers, from mental domination to mind blasts. Other powers may be possible but have not been documented.
Talismans, some with amber containing a mantis, can block their mind-reading powers. Cha'asii elves are skilled in making these talismans to help protect their people.

The yaggol use a variety of creatures to defend their territories. In particular is the Vaka-te-nok. The Mouth Beneath the Earth, or Winlesh in the merkitsa tongue, is a large black beast, with many tentacles around a snapping maw, which lies beneath the surface, waiting to spring from the ground.


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