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333 AC

Article written by Kranar Drogin, Weldon Chen, Ambro, Uziel

Centuries3rd century AC - 4th century AC - 5th century AC
Decades310s AC - 320s AC - 330s AC - 340s AC - 350s AC
Years331 AC - 332 AC - 333 AC - 334 AC - 335 AC

333 AC stands for the three hundredth and thirty-third year following the Cataclysm, during the Time of Darkness in the Age of Despair.


  • Verminaard discovers the mace Nightbringer and pledges himself to serve Takhisis. He becomes one of her first clerics in the new age.
  • The maiden Judyth becomes the new Keeper of the Rune.
  • Wryllish Parkane and Harrawell Dracart begin early experiments with dragon eggs and Zhakar mold to create Draconians.
  • Ariakas find the red dragon Tombfyre and the pair kill Rackas Ironcog, king of the Zhakar. Whez Lavastone becomes the new king and pledges his aid to Ariakas and the Dragonarmies.
  • Takhisis has a tryst with Hiddukel (who is disguised as Chemosh), and gives birth to a child known as Artha.


Daviter the Wise
Derry Althen


Ferros Windchisel
Rackas Ironcog
Tale Splintersteel



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