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350 AC

Article written by Kranar Drogin, Weldon Chen, Ambro, Uziel

Centuries3rd century AC - 4th century AC - 5th century AC
Decades330s AC - 340s AC - 350s AC - 360s AC - 370s AC
Years348 AC - 349 AC - 350 AC - 351 AC - 352 AC

350 AC stands for the three hundredth and fiftieth year following the Cataclysm, during the Time of Darkness in the Age of Despair.


  • Lyim Rhistadt rallies the folk of Qindaras to launch an assault upon the Tower of Wayreth. The Conclave forms an alliance with Thorbardin dwarves, Qualinesti elves, and the forces of Northern Ergoth. The allied armies crush the Qindaran force, although Lyim reaches the Tower. Bram confronts Lyim and transforms him into a tree. Par-Salian thanks Bram for his efforts and offers him an apprenticeship in High Sorcery, to which the young tuatha mage accepts.
  • Flinders Pitrye wrote the book Abanasinian Archaelogy
  • The undersea war between the Sea Witch Sagarassi and Watermere and its allies ended. Quickly thereafter Watermere's alliances fell apart.
  • The Dragonarmies rebuild themselves after heavy losses from their battles with the Silvanesti elves. They recruit from the conquered lands and now control all of eastern Ansalon, except for Saifhum.
  • Theros Ironfeld opens a smithy in Solace and begins working for Gilthanas and the Qualinesti elves against the Seekers and the Dragonarmies.
  • The hunt for the Kingsword continues amongst the dwarven clans.
  • The human Oster defeats the alleged Dragon Highlord Colombine in battle.
  • The merchant Vandor Grizt is captured by followers of Chemosh, and manages to escape to tell the tale.
  • Riverwind is sent on a quest to find proof of the old gods. He first comes across the Hest elves and later comes across the Blue Crystal Staff in Xak Tsaroth, which he takes with him and escapes the ruined city.


None at this time.


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