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Knights of the Skull

Article written by Uziel, Sticko, Kranar Drogin

The Order of the Skull is the clerical branch of the Knights of Neraka, who wield both weapons and divine magic when they wade into battle. Skull Knights utilize their magic for healing, gathering intelligence and also managing internal affairs within the knighthood. The Knights of the Skull often serve as diplomats and advisors in the courts of many rulers, or sometimes as the internal police within the knighthood, reporting the infractions of their fellow knights, back to their superiors. They were originally powerful clerics who drew divine magic from their goddess Takhisis. They were wholly dedicated to their goddess, but at the same time revered Zeboim. Skull Knights will be more inclined to take Black Dragons as their mounts, rather than Blue Dragons.

Knight of the Skull by Sticko.
EnlargeKnight of the Skull by Sticko.

Following the Chaos War, the Skull Knights almost collapsed as an Order. When Goldmoon discovered the Healing of the Heart, Mirielle Abrena sent three Skull Knight spies to learn this new Mystic ability. They returned to the Knighthood in 398 AC, and were then able to give knights a new Vision. They formed their own dark mysticism, and their mystics favor Channeling Domain, Death Domain, Evil Domain, Law Domain, Mentalism Domain, Necromancy Domain, Trickery Domain, Tyranny Domain, and the War Domain.

Following the War of Souls, most Skull Knights have turned from the Gods almost all together. Those of the Spiritborne continue to find a deity, but most are content with using their mystic abilities. Some have become clerics of the other dark gods such as Sargonnas and Chemosh. They have also become an appealing order for the common person to join, not having to worry about the gods of Krynn.

The Skull Knights follow their own code of "Death is patient. It flows both from without and from within. Be vigilant in all and skeptical of all."

Skull Rank Structure

Lord of the Skull
Master of the Skull
Marshal of the Skull
Champion of the Skull
Warder of the Skull
Guardian of the Skull
Bone Clerist
Bone Acolyte
Bone Novice


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