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Knights of the Thorn

Article written by Uziel, Sticko, Kranar Drogin

The Order of the Thorn is the arcane branch of the Knights of Takhisis, whose knights wield arcane magic to strike down their foes and divine the future of the knighthood. Thorn Knights are known for their gray robes, which distinguish them as magic-users who do not follow the Orders of High Sorcery.

Knight of the Thorn by Sticko.
EnlargeKnight of the Thorn by Sticko.

The Knights of the Thorn try to divine events around them to understand the designs of the gods and how they can further the knighthood. Thorn Knights work closely with the Knights of the Skull, to control already conquered lands and maintaining order within the knighthood. Thorn Knights serve as advisors and aides in many campaigns, and constantly strive in their pursuit to learn of and master forbidden magic.

Before the Chaos War, Thorn Knights were powerful spell casters, who wielded arcane magic bestowed on them directly by Takhisis. The order was created by Ariakan from the inspiration of his own father Ariakas, who was also a magic user. Far more powerful than most Tower Wizards, the gray robes were a force to be reckoned with, until Takhisis vanished with the other gods following the Chaos War. During those years after the war, the Order almost completely fell apart.

The Knights of the Thorn turned to sorcery instead, many of them becoming masters of this wild magic, however they no longer had the advantage over the other magic-users on Ansalon. Thorn Knights gained the knowledge of wild magic from Theo Drawde, who in turn had been taught by the Shadow Sorcerer. With the return of the gods in the War of Souls, the Orders of High Sorcery have re-emerged, however the loss of Takhisis has meant that the Knights of the Thorn still practice sorcery, and are not granted arcane powers from any divine source. Some though have chosen to take the Test and join the Black Robes. They have appealed to a lot of the other sorcerers who are now being persecuted by the Orders of High Sorcery. Many though are no longer around, with only a few dozen members left by 427 AC.

Many origins of how the Thorn Knights gained their power have been put out by the Order falsely. One is that they pull magic from all three moons, and another is that they studied schools of magic different from the Orders of High Sorcery.

The Thorn Knights follow their own code of "One who follows the heart finds it will bleed. Feel nothing but victory."

Thorn Rank Structure

Lord of the Thorn
Master of the Thorn
Marshal of the Thorn
Champion of the Thorn
Warder of the Thorn
Guardian of the Thorn
Blood Apprentice
Blood Acolyte
Blood Novice


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