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Stormlight (703 PC - ? AC) was a Lucanesti Elf who was the second-in-command and a follower of the prophet Fordus Firesoul in about 3 PC. He was assigned the task of hearing Fordus' riddles that he spoke, and then translating them to the rest of his followers. Typical of all Lucanesti, he had the opal looking skin, with the Anlage, and had the underlid of all Lucanesti.

During this time as a follower, Stormlight grew to have feelings for a bard named Larken. She at the time did not return those feelings, she was too infatuated with Fordus at the time. As they marched towards Istar to attack it, Larken began to see that Fordus was insane, and grew affectionate for Stormlight. Stormlight continued on to Istar, where he found twelve Lucanesti survivors of the mines, all children, and brought them back to the rest of the surviving party.

Stormlight, Larken, and the surviving Lucanesti children migrated all the way to the lands of present day Abanasinia and were accepted into the Plainsmen tribes there. Stormlight and Larken married, having at least one daughter. Stormlight's daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter would grow up to become one of the Heroes of the Lance, Goldmoon.


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