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Aran Tallbow

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Aran Tallbow (? - 351 AC) was a Knight of the Crown who was born on the Isle of Sancrist, and from a long line of Knights in his family who were all Knights of the Crown. The names of his family members was unknown, and he was an old friend to Brian Donner and Derek Crownguard both of whom he used to quest with

Aran was lean and tall, with red hair and flowing moustache, easygoing, very well liked by his fellow Knights, and always in a good humor. Aran was also very good at archery, and considered the best in all of Solamnia. His old and trusty mount he rode on was Byrnie.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, Aran was a staunch supporter of Gunthar Uth Wistan as the next Grand Master. Gunthar asked that Aran were to go with Derek on the search in Tarsis. The leading Knights agree and so Aran journeyed with both Brian and Derek to the city of Tarsis to begin the search. While there, they found the old library and began their research, searching for information on items that would be able to help them against the Dragonarmies. While there, he helped in rescuing Sturm Brightblade, Alhana Starbreeze, Tanis Half-Elven, Gilthanas Kanan, and Flint Fireforge from imprisonment.

Following the attack on Tarsis, Aran journeyed with Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Gilthanas, Laurana Kanan, and Sturm to Ice Reach to gain back the Dragon Orb that was located there. While in route, they saved a polar bear from some Minotaurs who were tormenting it.

Aran continued with the group all the way to Icewall Castle (Brackenrock), where Aran fought against Feal-Thas, but was killed by Feal-Thas, the first of the group to fall in the battle.


There was another story that Aran was kept by the Ice Folk along with Brian, while the others journeyed to the castle. It was said he died while defending the Ice Folk in the Battle of the Ice Reaches.


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