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Ogre Language

Article written by Kranar Drogin, Trampas Whiteman, Ambro

The Ogre Language, is a language simply known as Ogre, is a brutish language that isn't a beautiful as that of Ancient Ogrish.

Ancient Ogre is a written language composed entirely of pictographs. It was used extensively during the Age of Dreams, falling into disuse later on. It has become of academic interest to scholars and historians who explore ancient ruins.

Ogre Words

Barom - Unknown
Blödehelm - 'Home of Blöde'
Bluden - Unknown
Bruut - Unknown
Bya - Go
Daurorin - Unknown
di - Unknown
d'I - Unknown
D'kai - Unknown
De - 'Big'
Dreka - Unknown
Eza - Unknown
Fenri - Unknown
F'han - Death
F'hani - Unknown
Gahana - Unknown
Ge - Unknown
gero - Unknown
Hela - Unknown
H'jihan - Unknown
H'kan - Unknown
Htowa - Water
i - Unknown
ifana - Unknown
i'fhani - Unknown
i'Golgreni - Golgren
Iskar'ai - Victory
i'Titani - Unknown
i'Uruv Suurti - Unknown
i'Vorgi - Unknown
Jeka - Unknown
Juk I'Fhanhrik - 'The Death of His Enemies That Is Juk'
K'cha - Unknown
Kee - Unknown
Ke'en - Thrown
Kerktain - Unknown
Ki - Unknown
Ki'in - Struck
Koja - Unknown
Kreegah - Unknown
Ky - Unknown
Kya - Unknown
L'har - Unknown
Lytos - Unknown
Makeldorn - 'The Gauntlet of Makel'
Mera - Unknown
Morgash - 'Bay of Darkness'
Morto - Unknown
Mun - Unknown
Ne - Might mean 'to'
Neraki - Neraka
Neya - Unknown
Nfa - Unknown
Nya - Unknown
Ogflamgoddag - Likely an incantation or evocation to Sargonnas.
Orn - Unknown
Queego - Unknown
Runo irdo - 'Whisper of the Gods'
Sarak - Unknown
Sargor - Unknown
Suru - Unknown
Sya - Unknown
Syng - Now
Ta - 'Small'
Tara'his - 'Answerer of Questions'
Tryaldrach - Dragon
Tyraq - Unknown
Uruv Suurt - Minotaur
Ut - Unknown
Uth - Unknown
Vorn - Unknown
Wosagi - Unknown
Yarin - Unknown
Yurook - Unknown
Zharang I'Urkarun Dracon - 'The Great Dragon That Is Zharang'
Zur i - Well


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