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Article written by Kranar Drogin, Ambro, Uziel

Crynus (? - 1018 PC) was a huge Human who might have been part Ogre. His life before the Third Dragon War was relatively unknown, including where he came from or who his parents were. Crynus was known to be a master strategist who liked to take chances even with himself during the war, and he could be found mounted on his trusty Black Dragon Charr as they led his queen Takhisis' forces from victory to victory.

Birth? PC
Death1018 PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationWarlord of the Black Guard

Eventually Crynus met a young Knight of the Crown named Huma Dragonbane while Crynus was out on patrol, looking over a newly ravaged area. Huma, who was mounted on the Silver Dragon Heart, engaged him in single combat. Crynus loved to challenge people to single combat and told his Black Guard to stay back while he fought him on dragonback. Huma eventually was able to get under Crynus' guard and critically wounded him under the shoulder. Crynus retreated in order to heal himself, but Crynus swore personal vengeance against this upstart because Crynus took his battles very personally and defeats even more so.

Crynus was eventually killed when he attacked Huma, Kaz, and the rest as they were transporting a weapon that would save the Knights of Solamnia from annihilation. Crynus ambushed Heart and Huma while on dragonback, but Crynus was on the losing end of the fight from the beginning, constantly being cut and stabbed. His power from his goddess allowed him to instantly heal even from a deathblow. When they were forced to fight on the ground, Huma eventually was able to behead Crynus and just when Crynus got his head back and was putting it on, Heart breathed dragon fire on him, instantly destroying the second most powerful man of Takhisis' forces.


Passed down through the ages was the fact that he was destroyed by dragon fire from a Silver Dragon. There is no way that this can be possible since a silver dragon is based off of ice elements. This author of this article can only conclude that even though sources state fire killed him, it was in fact Heart's cold breath weapon that did it.


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