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Khalkist Mountains

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The Khalkist Mountain Range, also called Pillars of Heaven by the Khur Nomads, is made up of the most expansive and vast mountains in all of Ansalon. The Khalkists stretch from the ogre nation of Blöde, all through the Taman Busuk region and even to the borders of Nordmaar. The Khalkists have long been a den for evil Creatures, and were the original home for the Chromatic Dragons when they first made themselves manifest upon Ansalon. Unlike it's western counterpart, the Kharolis Mountains, the Cataclysm had no real impact on the Khalkist Mountains, allowing the ranges to stay in the same formation since they were first formed in the early days of Krynn. The mountains are chiefly comprised of narrow ridges that thin out into arid steppes and plains.

The Southern Khalkists are made up of the Ogre Peaks and Onyx Teeth, which sit on the north-eastern border of Sable's Swamp, to the Reorxcrown Mountains which comprises the border between Khur and Blöde. Further northward of the Ogre Peaks, within the central Khalkists are the Suncradles and it's eastern counterpart, Huldre Valley.

The dwarven city of Thoradin lies at the very heart of the Khalkist Mountain Range, and the city of Sanction lies slightly northwest and is surrounded by the three volcanoes known as the Lords of Doom. Within the Khalkists, these three volcanoes are mostly dormant, but do erupt on the occasion. The individual peaks are Mount Grishnor, Mount Thunderhorn, and Mount Ashkir. The central eastern border of the Khalkists is made up of the Skyfire Mountains, and the northeastern border of the Khalkists is marked by the Taol Mountains. The central western border has the Seven Spires and it's northern sister range, the Stars Home.

Further northward within the heart of the Taman Busuk region is the range known as Taman Massif, and the Khalkist Chain, which runs from Castle Nidus to Ariakan's Rest. The far central northern region of the Khalkists is made up of the Madmen Mountains, the Moving Peaks, and the Forlorn Mountains, all of which gradually smooth out to barren plains and meet at the foot of the Astivar Mountains, which begins to move into the Nordmaar region and beyond the reach of the Khalkists.


Darklady Mountain
Firewalk Heights
Nerakan Forest
Nerakan Road
Pit of Nemith-Otham
Ravaged Heart Valley
Reorx's Anvil


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