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Kranar Drogin

Article written by Trampas Whiteman

Kranar Drogin (? - ? AC) was born during the Age of Dragons, the alternate timeline that would have been had Takhisis not stolen the world. It is unknown whether or not he lived in the mainstream timeline.

Kranar's mother was an aesthetic at the Library of Palanthas. He knew little of his father, save for what his mother told him – that his father was a wizard she had lost long ago. Kranar was studious as a child, showing the temperament to be an aesthetic, and a love for research. At the same time, he also had a talent for magic. Kranar was torn between the two until his Test, when he discovered that they were far from being exclusive. During his Test, he realized that he could combine his loves by rediscovering lost arcane magic items, artifacts, texts, and locales. He would don the Red Robes.

Kranar was staying in room 17 of the Inn of the Last Home when Caramon Majere passed away. He was sent to the Tower of Wayreth to deliver the news to Caramon's son, Palin Majere, who had become the master of the White Robes – a kindness that Palin has never forgotten. Since then, the two have become good friends.

Kranar travels with his hawk familiar, Zurik, visiting ancient arcane locales. He felt strongly that the ancient Towers of High Sorcery should be re-established. While he was happy to see the Tower of Kalaman, he felt that the other existing towers should take precedence.


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