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Ackal Family Tree

Article written by Uziel, Kranar Drogin, Tavin Springfingers

Ackal Family Tree.
EnlargeAckal Family Tree.
The Ackal Family was founded by Ackal Ergot, whom was also the founder of the Empire of Ergoth. This family was one of the ruling familes of the Empire and had many members that took the title of Emperor of Ergoth. Their biggest rival for the throne was always the Pakins, leading even to some ful scale battles between the two. Mostly this was a feud though, which was termed the Ackal-Pakin Feud by most historians.

Their banner was crimson emlazoned with a golden sun over a pair of crossed sabers.

Family Members

Ackal Dermount
Ackal Dermount II
Ackal Dermount III
Ackal Family Crest by Tavin.
EnlargeAckal Family Crest by Tavin.
Ackal Ergot
Ackal II
Ackal III
Ackal IV
Ackal V
Ackal VI
Ackal VII
Bazan Ergot
Dalar Ackal
Enkian Tumult
Havoc Tumult
Hyduran Dermount
Hynor Ergothas
Mordirin Ackal
Morthur Dermount
Pakin II
Pakin III
Pelladrom Tumult


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