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Dominique Helmsman

Article written by Trampas Whiteman

Sir Dominique Helmsman (387 AC - ? AC) is a Holy Warrior of Kiri-Jolith. His surname of Helmsman as well as his jet-black skin proclaims him as an Ergothian. He is in his mid-30's, has a handsome face, and is tall and muscular. He seems somewhat stern and unapproachable, as though he were constantly reflecting on the serious side of life. He wears a brown and white surcoat emblazoned with the head of a bison, the symbol of Kiri-Jolith, over glistening chain mail. He has also been seen in full plate mail with a steel helm and a tabard marked by the symbol of Kiri-Jolith. He has black hair plaited in a single braid that hung down his back, a custom of his people. Dominique carries a longsword buckled around his waist in a scabbard etched in holy symbols. The sword is a holy artifact blessed by Kiri-Jolith, and shines with an eerie white light when drawn.

NameDominique Helmsman
Birth387 AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
OccupationHoly Warrior of Kiri-Jolith

Dominique joined with Jenna of the Red Robes, Gerard uth Mondar, Nightshade Pricklypear, and Rhys Mason (and Atta) on their assault on Cam, a Vallenwood Guard who had become a Beloved of Chemosh. Though Gerard wanted to talk to Cam, Dominique and Jenna had formed their own plan on how to deal with the Beloved, one that put aside personal feelings.

When Gerard uth Mondar confronted Cam, the Beloved attacked. Dominique ran to the sheriff's rescue, calling upon Kiri-Jolith and his sword flaring with holy zeal. He pulled for his Medallion of Faith, calling upon the power of Kiri-Jolith to turn Cam, but the attempt failed. Dominique plunged his sword into Cam's breastbone, burying it in Cam's chest up to the hilt. Cam faked falling down dead, taunting the paladin a second later. Dominique brought down his sword in a slashing arc of white fire that severed Cam's head from his neck. Mistress Jenna then attacked with a spell, which in turn failed.

The battle ended with none of the assailants being able to stop Cam. Dominique stated that he could feel Kiri-Jolith's rage, as well as his impotence. He assured his companions that Chemosh could not grant immortality.

After the encounter with the Beloved, Dominique made reports to various clerics of the gods of Light, as well as the assembled Council of the Knights of Solamnia.


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