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Hangman Harbor

Article written by Uziel

Lying on the southwestern fringes of the Miremier, just southwards of Robann, is the minor port town of Hangman Harbor. The port town is home to a number of different races, most of which are of a darker nature, given that the town lies within the borders of the Taman Busuk region.

Origins of Hangman Harbor

A captain by the name of Tarken and his crew originally founded the town in the years following the Cataclysm. These sailors sought a peaceful life and therefore chose this secluded location, however they also wanted a spot where they could set sail or trade with established settlements in the area if need be. Captain Tarken had the four ships under his command settle in the region, and an initial farming community was established. The first settlement was named Tarkenton, after the captain who led the settlement in the region.

After a few short years, Tarkenton was discovered and raided by minotaur pirates. Tarken and his sailors managed to defend the town against the pirates, however raids became more regular and eventually one of his captains, by the name of Leren was forced to parley with the pirates. Eventually the two groups came to an agreement, which was that the Minotaurs could dock at Tarkenton, in exchange for not raiding the town.

Tarken however, having had dealings with minotaurs in his younger days where he was a virtual slave of the bull-headed race, had his own misgivings. He contacted a mage known as Gellis. The dark mage requested that in return for her services, she wanted her own tower built within the town, and a temple of Zeboim constructed. The temple was completed, however before even the base of the tower could be laid, the minotaurs again visited Tarkenton to solidify what they believed was already an alliance. Gellis used her illusory powers to darken the skies and make the waters boil, whilst her booming voice thundered to the minotaurs, in the guise of Zeboim. She convinced the minotaurs to leave the folk of Tarkenton in peace, as they were the chosen of Zeboim. The tower of Gellis was then completed in the town.

Gellis' Curse

Years passed and Captain Tarken passed away. Whilst Tarkenton itself prospered, free of threat from the minotaurs, the mage Gellis locked herself away in the tower. A number of villagers came to lead Tarkenton over the years, and with each new leader, the need to maintain the Temple of Zeboim and the Tower of Gellis became less and less important, until they were almost left derelict altogether. On one day, the mage Gellis emerged from her tower surrounded by a group of her underlings. In a rage she summoned waterspouts to decimate a number of the ships of Tarkenton, and declared that if the Temple of Zeboim and her tower were not maintained properly, that she would wreak much worse havoc on the town, and that the minotaurs would return. The people of Tarkenton returned to maintaining the temple and the tower once more, fearful of the curse she held over their heads if they did not heed her.

As generations went by, and even the mage Gellis herself passed on, her words were ultimately forgotten. In 137 AC, the current leader of Tarkenton was called Falada Selene. Falada proposed the demolition of the Temple of Zeboim, to make way for another waterfront inn, and have the Tower of Gellis renovated into something far more useful for the town. The town council voted in agreement with Falada and all in attendance noted a horned form appeared briefly in the room along with a gust of wind before vanishing from sight.

Shortly after, crows appeared at the borders of the town, farm animals started dying and the sea was unsettled and violent. Finally a vast minotaur horde appeared and raided the town. A small number of folk hid in the abandoned Temple of Zeboim. On emerging after the minotaur had left, they found no survivors. The few fit folk who the minotaurs had not killed, had been taken as slaves. Every building in Tarkenton had been destroyed, except for the Temple of Zeboim and the Tower of Gellis.

A young councilman of Tarkenton, known as Talan Risk, gathered together the survivors to eke out an existence. He utilized the skills of a mage called Alys Tremain, to help learn of their enemy. Talan learned that the minotaurs had been led by a particularly savage pirate known as Kren. Through the help of visiting merchants, Talan (who had become the new leader of Tarkenton) and the survivors rebuilt Tarkenton, as well as built a ship from which he and his comrades could exact revenge on Kren. Finally Talan captured Kren, his first mate and fellow minotaur captains. Talan and his friends brought the minotaurs back to Tarkenton for their "trial". The mock trial was done in front of the Temple of Zeboim, and Talan had each of the pirates hung from the gallows. Finally Kren himself was hung, but not before uttering that this "Hangman Harbor" would never know peace.

Hangman Harbor

It was known that Talan Risk was the one who continually utilized "Hangman Harbor" following Kren's death. As Talan himself, descended into madness, he was voted out of council and disappeared. Local merchants cottoned on to the use of "Hangman Harbor" and within a short time; the name of the town officially became Hangman Harbor.

A popular rumor of the port town is that the ghosts of minotaurs swinging from the gallows can be seen in Gallows Square each day. The town became more embroiled in corruption and dark elements over the years, due to it's close proximity to Neraka, and was a staging point for the dark armies during the War of the Lance.


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