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Mercadior Redic V

Article written by Uziel

NameMercadior Redic V
Birth? PC
Death? PC
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationEmperor of Ergoth
ChildrenMercadior Redic VI
PredecessorMercadior Redic IV
SuccessorMercadior Redic VI

Mercadior Redic V (ca. 332 AC - 352 AC) was the fifth Emperor of Northern Ergoth, and the son of Mercadior Redic IV. In his youth, Mercadior was known as a dashing cavalier, however the death of his father, forced him to ascend to the throne and give away with warrior ways. Mercadior was known to be a fair and just ruler, and was popular amongst his people. He was described as a dark-skinned Ergothian, with black hair that was marked with gray at a young age. He wore a full moustache and beard, and had a commanding demeanor, as well as being rather intelligent. The emperor was shadowed and served by his court wizard Thalmus, who he traveled with at all times.

When the War of the Lance broke out on Ansalon, Mercadior threw his full support behind the Whitestone Forces, however even still Northern Ergoth remained a near forgotten nation by most of those on the Ansalon mainland, as the empire continued it's descent into near obscurity.


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