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Dezra Sepadin

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Dezra Sepadin (? - December, 392 AC) was a waitress at the Inn of the Last Home under Otik Sandeth sometime before the year 351 AC and she was known to have stayed there until ten years after the Chaos War under her very good friends Tika Majere and Caramon Majere. During her time there, Dezra saw many things come to pass. She saw the original Inn burned to the ground by Red Dragons during the War of the Lance, and she was the midwife to Alhana Starbreeze and helped her give birth to Silvanoshi Caladon. Tika even named one of her daughters of her, Dezra Majere.

During one cold winter in 392 AC, she went out late at night to help a weaver's wife give birth to their second son. She caught a terrible coughing sickness and died shortly after with her good friends Tika and Caramon by her bedside.


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