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Birth ? AC
Death351 AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
ChildrenHawker, Hollow-Sky, Ravenhair

Loreman (? - 351 AC) was a Human male Qué-Shu elder. His stature was average and frame was wiry. His face was considered handsome by some but was pale and ill-defined. He had three children: Hawker, Hollow-Sky, and Ravenhair. Loreman functioned as medicine man and historian for the Qué-Shu. He was also the keeper of the Book of the Gods.

Early Life

Loreman was one of Tearsong's suitors, but could not compete with Arrowthorn.


During a summer of drought the Qué-Shu and the Qué-Kiri were fighting. In the fighting Wanderer the Elder was wounded. Loreman was there taking the place of Goldmoon because she was too young. Loreman offered to Wanderer, as he was dying, to put his name in the Book of the Gods after he died so Wanderer could become a god. Wanderer refused since this went against his beliefs in the old Gods. Loreman was angry and didn't want Wanderer's beliefs to spread to the rest of the tribe so he confiscated Wanderer's son's trade and cast out his family.

Pre War of the Lance

Loreman formed numerous plans to place himself or one of his family as Chieftain of the Qué-Shu. He wrote what he claimed to be the history of the tribe based off ancient writings. In the book, Loreman slandered the line of priestesses and their chieftains and made his ancestors look like they were responsible for the success of the tribe. Loreman was likely hoping Goldmoon would read it and decide to marry Hollow-Sky out of shame. The ancient writings that he based his book off of were supposedly hidden away by Loreman's grandfather for 'safekeeping.' Arrowthorn figured out the intents of the book shortly after it was presented.

When Hollow-Sky and Riverwind escorted Goldmoon to the Hall of Sleeping Spirits, Loreman wanted his son to kill Goldmoon to work in his plans to become the next chief himself. Hollow-Sky had his own plans and managed to get himself killed in the battle between him and Riverwind and Goldmoon.

Loreman even tried to have Riverwind fail in his tests of the Anointing of the Quester, before Riverwind could be given his Courting Quest.

After Arrowthorn became sick, Loreman constantly worked against Goldmoon looking for any excuse to take over.

War of the Lance

When Qué-Shu was attacked by the Red Dragonarmy, it is unknown if Loreman escaped or was killed by the Red Dragons.

Kender Tales

It was once said that Hollow-Sky was his eldest son, but Hawker was the oldest son.


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