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Silvanesti Royal Family

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Weldon Chen

Silvanesti Royal Family.
EnlargeSilvanesti Royal Family.
The Silvanesti Royal Family which was always of House Silvanos, has existed since its founding by Silvanos Goldeneye before the year 4000 PC when Silvanos convened the first Sinthal-Elish and took the title Speaker of the Stars. Over the years the rulers of this house have stayed a pretty conservative point of view that only elves should live in Silvanesti. When the Silvanesti Shield fell during the War of Souls thanks to Mina and Silvanoshei Caladon, the Silvanesti were effectively taken over by the Minotaur Empire. Silvanoshei, the current ruler of the elven kingdom, was killed in Sanction while following Mina, Speakership in effect dropped onto the shoulders of Alhanna again. She no longer wanted to rule, and the last known ruler of the Silvanesti disappeared after giving the crown of Silvanesti to Gilthas Pathfinder.

Their family symbol was a white crown.

Family Members

Alhana Starbreeze
Belthanos Caladon
Elendar Silvanos
Hermathya of Oakleaf
Kiryn Caladon - not on tree
Kith-Kanan Silvanos
Lorac Caladon
Maradoc Caladon
Nethas Caladon
Porthios Kanan
Silvanos Goldeneye
Silvanoshei Caladon
Sithas Silvanos
Sithel Silvanos
Uriona Takalurion
Vanesti Silvanos


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