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Black Dragonarmy

Article written by Uziel & Kranar Drogin

Amidst the five grand armies of Takhisis, the Black Dragonarmy was considered the fourth in power. The role of the Black Dragonarmy was to provide support to the other armies, as well as to serve as the occupying force for already conquered lands. It was led by a singular Dragon Highlord, who was aided by a number of Dragon Highmasters. A large number of Black Dragons served in the Black Wing, and the troops of the army was comprised of Ogres, hill giants, Draconians, and Humans. The Black Dragonarmy was founded by Highlord Maldeev in 332 AC, who at the time had been serving in the newly founded Blue Dragonarmy. Maldeev along with his chosen black dragon Jahet, begun to recruit troops and black dragons and based their forces around Salimsha Tower on the border between Kern and Khur. Over the next thirteen years, Maldeev trained his troops and conducted several brief raids on Solamnic forces in the Kern and Khur regions. However the Highlord was slain by one of his own black dragons, a fearsome dragon known as Khisanth, who was later punished for her deed. In 345 AC, Maldeev was succeeded by Lucien of Takar, who resumed the training and development of the Black Dragonarmy until they were prepared for war in 348 AC.

348-349 AC

In 348 AC, the Black Dragonarmy was sent eastwards to the Balifor region, along with the White Dragonarmy. Whilst the White Dragonarmy continued eastwards into Goodlund, the Black Dragonarmy set about conquering Balifor. Through several strategic battles across 348 and into the early parts of 349 AC, the army had soon defeated the defending forces and occupied Balifor under Dragonarmy rule.

350 AC

The Black Dragonarmy spent most of 350 AC, further solidifying their hold on the Balifor region and recruiting further troops. Ariakas sent the army aid in the form of specialized troops, recognizing that the Black Dragonarmy were preparing for further assaults in the east of Ansalon. Highlord Lucien had begun to develop alliances with the dark dwarves of Zhakar and with the ogres of Blöde, by this stage, in an attempt to add more eastern lands under the control of the Dragonarmies.

351 AC

In the year 351 AC, Highlord Lucien had full control over Balifor, Zhakar, and Blöde. The Black Dragonarmy solidified their hold over much of eastern Ansalon, and Ariakas not only supplied them with further troops, but also with one of the fearsome Flying Citadels. Highlord Lucien divided his forces across Dragonarmy conquered lands, and many Black Dragonarmy garrisons appeared in Nordmaar and other areas that had been conquered by some of the other Dragonarmies. Ariakas commanded that the Black Dragonarmy occupy conquered lands, rather than lead any further assaults, leaving this duty up to the more powerful Red and Blue Wings.

352 AC

At the behest of Ariakas, Highlord Lucien led his forces back to Neraka in 352 AC, to witness the return of Takhisis onto Ansalon. However the death of Ariakas and the defeat of the Dragonarmies at Neraka caused the five grand armies to split and retreat before the Whitestone Forces. Lucien led his decimated army in a retreat back to Goodlund, where they held the region, along with a firm alliance with minotaurs of the Blood Sea Isles, to keep the good forces at bay.

353-357 AC

Highlord Lucien and his Dragon Highmasters maintained the alliance with the Minotaurs and retained control of the Goodlund region. In 355 AC, one of Lucien's Highmasters, by the name of Golias, organized for the assassination of the Highlord in a bit to gain control of the army. Golias himself was cut down by another Highmaster known as Marcus Cadrio, for his treachery. Out of respect for his now-dead master, Cadrio did not assume the title of Dragon Highlord, but for all intents and purposes, he led the remnant Black Dragonarmy from 355- 357 AC. The remnant black forces led an assault on Gwynned in Northern Ergoth, through the use of some flying citadels, in a final attempt to conquer Ansalon, however General Cadrio was slain and the remaining Black Dragonarmy forces were quashed entirely in 357 AC.

Black Wing Army

1st Black Flight (351 AC)

Flight Marshal: Elgar
1st Black Dragonarmy
- Draconian Army
6th Black Dragonarmy
- Mercenary Infantry
7th Black Dragonarmy
- Mercenary Infantry
8th Black Dragonarmy
- Ogre Infantry
1st Black Dragonwing
- 4 Black Dragons

2nd Black Flight (351 AC)

Flight Marshal: Sulav
9th Black Dragonarmy
- Draconian Army
10th Black Dragonarmy
- Ogre Infantry
11th Black Dragonarmy
- Ogre Infantry
3rd Black Dragonwing
- 4 Black Dragons

3rd Black Flight

Flight Marshal: Golias
12th Black Dragonarmy
- Mercenary Infantry
13th Black Dragonarmy
- Mercenary Calvary
14th Black Dragonarmy
- Ogre Infantry
4th Black Dragonwing
- 4 Black Dragons

Black Guards

Commander: Azak
- 150 Bozak Draconians


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