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Green Dragonarmy

Article written by Uziel & Kranar Drogin

The Green Dragonarmy was the third most powerful amongst the five armies of Takhisis, and was one of the offensive forces for the Dragonarmies. The Green Wing led numerous assaults throughout the War of the Lance, as well as provided key support for the Blue Wing and Red Wing. The Green Dragonarmy was run by a single Dragon Highlord, who was in turn aided by a number of Dragon Highmasters. A large number of Green Dragons made up the Green Wing, and whilst the dragons were scornful of many of their humanoid allies, all were deeply respectful of Highlord Salah-Khan. The ground troops of the Green Dragonarmy consisted of Ogres, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and dark-hearted Humans. The Green Dragonarmy was formed in the foundation period of the Dragonarmies, between 332 AC - 340 AC. Throughout this time until 348 AC, the Green Dragonarmy was led by a little known Highlord and trained in all manner of combat, in preparation for war. The Highlord's name was lost to time, due to his ineffectiveness in the early days of the war, and his quick replacement.

348 AC

Ariakas directed the Green Dragonarmy to aid the Red Wing in their assault upon Nordmaar. The Green Dragon Highlord took his orders from the Red Dragon Highlord Phair Caron, and the Green Dragonarmy assisted in the fighting over Valkinord and North Keep. Ultimately the Green Dragonarmy provided more support to the Red Wing, however they were a crucial part to the conquering of Nordmaar. The Green Highlord was then given to prepare to move his forces southwards to the lands of Khur, for another offensive in the early part of 349 AC.

349 AC

After receiving further orders from Ariakas, the Green Highlord marched his army into the desert realm of Khur to secure some outposts and solidify the tenuous alliance that had been previously established with Khur in 341 AC. However the various chieftains of the individual tribes of Khur erupted in anger at the occupancy of Dragonarmy forces in their land, and a rebellion began. A key figure of the powerful Khur Tribe, known as Salah, had already allied himself directly with Ariakas, and offered his services in putting down the rebellion. The existing Green Highlord was deposed, and Salah-Khan was put in his place. The Khurish warrior crushed the rebellion and established a firm grip over Khur, adding it as another conquered nation of the Dragonarmies.

With Khur secured, Salah-Khan was asked to provide troops to assist the Red Wing in Silvanesti. The Highlord sent one of his generals, Highmaster Topus, along with a contingent of his dragons and troops to aid in the Silvanesti Campaign. The failure of the campaign, led to Topus and the surviving green forces returning to Khur, where further outposts were created to ensure control over the desert realm.

350 AC

The Green Dragonarmy found itself plagued by minor uprisings in Khur, which it put down in a bid to maintain control. During 350 AC, the army recruited further troops and were sent specialized forces from Neraka, as Ariakas tried to ensure each of his armies could control the conquered regions. The Green Dragonarmy continued to control the northern borders of Silvanesti, waiting for Lorac's Nightmare to cease, so they could claim the elven realm of Silvanesti for the Dragonarmies.

351 AC

By 351 AC, the Green Dragonarmy held a good part of Kern, Khur, Throtl, and northern Silvanesti. These regions lay almost fully under their control, although uprisings and rioting throughout parts of Khur continued to flare up occasionally, causing the Dragonarmy forces to be harried constantly. All further assaults across eastern Ansalon ceased, as the Green Dragonarmy fought to retain control over their already conquered realms. Salah-Khan fought directly in the frontlines of the fighting in Khur, moving his base of operations so that he could not be ambushed by freedom fighters.

352 AC

During the Vingaard Campaign of 352 AC, the Green Wing forces in Throtl found themselves under attack from the Whitestone Forces led by the Golden General. Highmaster Kadagh led his green dragons, along with his ogre, goblin and Draconian forces in some minor offensives along the Vingaard River. However, they were surprised by a large number of the Whitestone forces, who were under the command of the Qualinesti Elf Gilthanas Kanan and his Silver Dragon Dargent. The Green Wing forces in this region were decimated, and Highmaster Kadagh was captured and imprisoned by the Whitestone forces. The few survivors escaped into the Dargaard Mountains, and left the army altogether.

Later in 352 AC, following orders from Ariakas, Highlord Salah-Khan led a large portion of the Green Dragonarmy back to the dark city of Neraka for the return of the Dark Queen. In the final ceremony within the Temple of Neraka, Ariakas was struck down and defeated, and the Whitestone forces bested the Dragonarmies. Highlord Salah-Khan led his surviving forces out of Neraka and suddenly found his army besieged not only by the Whitestone forces, but also by the Red Dragonarmy.

353-357 AC

After some fighting with the Red Dragonarmy in 353 AC, following the defeat of the combined Dragonarmies at Neraka, the Green Dragonarmy fled from the ogrelands of Kern, and returned to their conquered regions of Khur and northern Silvanesti. Highlord Salah-Khan attempted to keep the populace of Khur in line, however the tribes again rose up against the Dragonarmy forces and increased numbers of freedom fighters harried his forces. Finally in 356 AC, a large number of freedom fighters, under the command of a Solamnic Knight known as Morgan di Kyre, ambushed Salah-Khan and killed the Highlord along with a large number of his forces. In 356 AC, the remnant Green Dragonarmy was pulled together under the leadership of Highlord Hullek Skullsmasher, a half-ogre and former Dragon Highmaster. Highlord Hullek was quick to ally his forces with those of the Blue Dragonarmy, defending the eastern Khalkist Mountains for the Blue Lady. However, the remnant Green Dragonarmy was utterly destroyed in 357 AC during the Blue Lady's War when the Solamnic forces defeated both the Blue Dragonarmy and the remnant Green Dragonarmy forces in Palanthas.

Green Wing Armies

1st Green Flight

Flight Marshal: Anduren
4th Green Dragonarmy
- Draconian Army
5th Green Dragonarmy
- Mercenary Infantry
6th Green Dragonarmy
- Goblin Infantry
1st Green Dragonwing
- 2 Green Dragons

2nd Green Flight

Flight Marshal: Guilerth
7th Green Dragonarmy
- Draconian Army
8th Green Dragonarmy 'Green Scourge'
- Ogre Infantry
9th Green Dragonarmy 'Ravagers of Kern'
- Ogre Infantry
2nd Green Dragonwing
- 2 Green Dragons

3rd Green Flight

Flight Marshal: Cailceas
10th Green Dragonarmy
- Draconian Army
11th Green Dragonarmy
- Goblin Infantry
12th Green Dragonarmy
- Goblin Infantry
13th Green Dragonarmy 'Emerald Riders'
- Mercenary Cavalry
3rd Green Dragonwing
- 4 Green Dragons

4th Green Flight (352 AC)

Flight Marshal: Odenkeer
9th Throtl
- Goblin Infantry
7th Green Dragonarmy
- Ogre Infantry
11th Green Dragonarmy
- Draconian Army
4th Green Dragonwing
- 12 Green Dragons

1st Khur Cavalry Regiment (351 AC)

Sub-Commander: Azim Monsoon
3rd Khan Riders
- Mercenary Cavalry
4th Khan Riders
- Mercenary Cavalry
2nd Dervishes
- Mercenary Infantry


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