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Siriath Leafwine

Article written by Uziel

Siriath Leafwine (? AC - ? AC) was a typical Silvanesti Elf, beautiful and somewhat haughty. The elf had long, fair-colored hair and hazel eyes. He normally was clothed in tan colored robes, which had a green hood and hem and cuffs. Siriath was a cleric of E'li (Paladine) and particularly devout, although he was somewhat intolerant of other races, which meant that he alienated many around him, even fellow clerics of Paladine.

NameSiriath Leafwine
Birth? AC
Death? AC
NationalitySilvanesti Elf
Hair ColorFair
Eye ColorHazel
OccupationCleric of Paladine

Early Life

Siriath was born and raised in Silvanost, and was an indirect descendant of Silvanos Goldeneye. Even though he could not claim Silvanos as being a direct descendant, he still often touted himself as being related to Silvanos as often as possible. In his youth, he developed the Silvanesti haughtiness and disdain for other races. When the War of the Lance broke out, he viewed it as being a "human problem" that was forced into elven lands. He led a small platoon of elven warriors against the Dragonarmies during the course of the war, winning a number of minor victories.

In E'li's Service

Once the war was concluded, Siriath traveled somewhat, and on the road he met a true cleric of E'li. The elf was touched by the cleric's words and took up the faith himself, becoming a cleric of E'li. He kept having dreams about a gold dragon that would look at him with reproach and told him to learn about humanity and not simply disdain them. On waking after one particularly strong dream, he found himself in a strange place and was met by a band of adventurers. He introduced himself and became a traveling companion of the knight Erastin Rivenguard's band, and became acquainted with Galenye Faelern, Targin Steelaxe, Jilani, and Karathos. Siriath developed a measure of respect for these folk, learning that he could see value in folk other than elves and earnt their friendship. He aided Erastin in becoming a fully-fledged Knight of Solamnia, and continued to travel with his new friends.


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