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Pentrian (? AC - ? AC) was an unusually serious Kender who became one of the extremely few kender clerics. He had gray-black that he wore in a ponytail, and normally always wore white robes. He had tanned skin and dark brown eyes that seemed to often bear a degree of sadness within them.

Early Life

The young Pentrian grew up wandering with his parents throughout Ansalon. At this time, he earned the nickname "The Rabbit" because of the speed at which he could escape those that chased him. During one trip onboard a ship with his parents, Minotaur pirates attacked. The pirates looted the ship, sinking the ship and killing those onboard, including his parents. Pentrian managed to hide and avoid the minotaurs, and then swam to a nearby island. He spent three years on this remote locale, running from predators and always trying to find enough food, before he was finally rescued. His young life gave him have an inherent fear of minotaurs and also he became somewhat serious and shy.

Beyond the War of the Lance

After the War of the Lance, Pentrian felt a stirring with the return of the gods. He decided to dedicate himself to Mishakal, and became a cleric in her order. He later settled down in Hillhome, where he met with and became friends with the Fireforge Clan, Ian Chandler, Selowen, and even two minotaurs known as Karathos and Rikar, amongst many others. Pentrian did often have the urge to travel, however he stayed in Hillhome with his friends, only having the occasional adventure.


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