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Liliornin (? AC - ? AC) was a beautiful Silvanesti Elf who had long blond hair and a short fringe, and had grey colored eyes. She was known to be an amazing spellcaster and a powerful White Robed mage, of an ability that only the most accomplished of mages within the Conclave could match.

Liliornin by Darcwulf.
EnlargeLiliornin by Darcwulf.
Birth? AC
Death? AC
NationalitySilvanesti Elf
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorGrey
OccupationWhite Robe

Early Life

The young elf was born and grew up in the town of Varus, which lay just to the south of the great city of Palanthas. Her parents, Lalena and Hawkwood, had left Silvanesti years ago and permanently dwelt in the Solamnic town. Liliornin was treated almost like nobility when growing up in the town, due to the respect accorded to her parents. Her world was shattered during the War of the Lance, when Draconian forces stormed into Varus and wiped out almost the entire population, including her parents. She was on the outskirts of the town at the time, and managed to escape notice, then going to hide in the mountains until the evil creatures had long since left the area.

A New Wizard

Liliornin went to Palanthas after the devastation of Varus, where she presented herself to the Conclave, demonstrating the magical abilities that her mother Lalena had taught her. After becoming accepted into the Conclave, the young elf set out on several adventures to fight the evil in the land. In one such adventure, she waged battle against a death knight, a dark cabal of black-robed wizards and some draconians. The ranger Morrandar stumbled across this battle and lent his aid to Liliornin, and the pair managed to rout the evil-doers. The two became good friends and agreed to travel together for a time. The pair ended up becoming inseparable and travelled together for years, destroying any evil blight they discovered.


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