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Klank (? AC - ? AC) was a powerful Minotaur Warrior who stood at seven feet and six inches tall, and was extremely muscular, even for a minotaur. The minotaur had scarred skin that was covered by brown fur, and wore gold rings at the base of each of his two horns. In contrast to his fearsome appearance, Klank was fun loving and easy-going and had a particular soft spot for children and attractive women of any race.

Early Life

The minotaur known as Klank was actually born as Caelus. The young Caelus would often travel with his father, who was a trader. His father Vargus had a trade agreement with the Abaqua Ogres of the Ring Mountains, and often met with them. On one journey, Vargus was slain by wild beasts, and Caelus fled to the settlement of the ogres. These particular ogres, known as the Black Peak tribe, took in Caelus and raised him as one of their own.

Later Life

After many years had passed, another band of minotaurs came to the settlement of the Black Peak Tribe. These minotaurs met with Caelus and convinced him to travel with them. These minotaurs taught Caelus how to properly wield a battle axe, before he decided to leave them, as they were going to work for a medusa for food. Which he had no desire to do. Caelus continued to travel, however he was captured by League minotaurs who brought him back to Kristophan.

They showcased Caelus as the "minotaur raised by ogres" and gave him the arena name of Klank, believing it sounded more ogrish. To ensure he gave a good show every time, Caelus was taught even more about combat. In his early days within the arena, Caelus met with the minotaurs Karathos and Thakadil, with whom he became close friends. Thakadil was originally from the isle of Kothas near the continent of Ansalon, and he undertook teaching the Ansalonian dialect to Caelus, as the three planned to escape Kristophan and Taladas altogether.

Ultimately the group escaped the arena, stole a small boat and fled, sailing in a southwesterly direction. The boat was destroyed in a powerful storm, just off the shores of Ansalon and the three minotaurs were separated. Caelus awoke on the shores of Mithas and when he met with the local minotaurs, he introduced himself as Klank of Kothas. He searched for his friends, but was unable to find them, although he did hear rumors about a foreign minotaur who attacked the locals before fleeing to the mainland of Ansalon. He heard nothing about Thakadil and assumed he was dead, although the rumors he believed were about Karathos.

Klank joined the crew of a ship called the Constitution, where he continued to rise through the ranks and hoped to one day find his friend Karathos again.


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