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Thakadil (? - ? AC) was a Minotaur Warrior who originally hailed from the minotaur isle of Kothas, but had sailed across the seas and made it to Taladas. On the foreign continent he was captured in the city of Kristophan and forced to serve as a gladiator in the arena. Thakadil was a close comrade to the minotaurs Caelus and Karathos, and along with them, he was tired of the brutality he saw in the gladiatorial arena.

The minotaur decided to sail southwest with his friends, to escape the barbarism of their society and find a new land. They almost made the voyage to the distant land of Ansalon, however just before they reached the shores of Mithas, their boat was destroyed and all three were thrown in different directions. Thakadil was never heard of again, and was believed to have drowned.


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