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Jessie (? AC - ? AC) was a slender woman with long brown hair, and had one of the gentlest natures upon Krynn. She was a born pacifist, and would go to the aid of any creature needing aid, irrespective of its race of alignment. Jessie did not view racial or alignment boundaries, she instead judged individuals based on their own actions. She abhorred violence in all it's forms and was a devoted White Robed mage. The Half-Elf was known to take almost no notice of her own appearance, often dressing in mismatched outfits, however she carefully groomed and took care of all her animals.

Early Life

The half-elf was born on a farm near Palanthas, that was fairly peaceful due to the close proximity to the Knights of Solamnia stationed in Palanthas and the High Clerist's Tower. During her youth she took the Test of High Sorcery and passed, becoming a white-robed wizard of the Conclave.

Blue Lady's War

However her relatively quiet upbringing was destroyed in 357 AC, when the Blue Lady's War occurred in Palanthas. Draconians overran the farm of her parents and butchered most of her relatives and friends. Jessie found herself equally horrified with the violent barbarism of the Solamnic forces, when they hunted down and exterminated the Blue Lady's forces. Jessie aided those she could around her farm, to escape from the draconians through use of her magic. She helped a great number of people flee north into the woods surrounding Palanthas.

With the close of the Blue Lady's War, Jessie then aided a number of draconians that escaped from Solamnics, healing them when they needed it and sending them on their way. The Knights of Solamnia caught her in the act of doing this, and tried her for high treason in a military court. However large numbers of villagers and farmers came forward to testify on Jessie's behalf, that she had also saved them, and was not a criminal. The half-elf was released and decided to leave Palanthas. Jessie moved into the woods outside of Palanthas, where she tamed many of the animals that became her new friends.

She was thought of highly by the farmers in the surrounding area, who often came to Jessie for aid, and she was also known to be a friend of the Irda, who admired her spirit and considered her one of the very few non-Irda that they trusted.


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