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Ian Chandler

Article written by Uziel

Ian Chandler (? AC - ? AC) was a tall and stocky Human, who had long dark hair and a short jaw line beard. Normally dressed in clean white robes, Ian was a serious fellow when need be, but otherwise a jovial and merry sort. Ian walked the path of a cleric of Mishakal, serving the Dwarves of Hillhome as best he could.

Early Life

Ian was born in the central region of Solamnia, and at a rather young age, determined he wanted to travel and see the world. After some traveling, he came upon the Neidar village of Hillhome, which had just suffered from a massive battle between its residents, the Neidar dwarves, and the evil Zhakar dwarves. Ian briefly met with the dwarf Flint Fireforge at this time, before the hill dwarf left for Solace once more. The human decided to help the dwarves rebuild their village, admiring their courage and work ethic. In a short time, his basic healing skills were valued highly and he was accepted by all the Neidar dwarves as one of their own.

Return of the Gods

With the return of the gods, following the War of the Lance, Ian dedicated his life to the worship of Mishakal. He became a cleric of her order, and his healing powers made him even more valuable to the dwarves of Hillhome again. He raised a small church to Mishakal within the village, where he healed the sick and injured, and offered Mishakal's teaching to any who would listen. Ian was known to have assisted a group of adventurers, led by the Solamnic Knight, Erastin Rivenguard, in recovered the Tharkan Axe, famed axe of Flint Fireforge. During this time, he became firm friends with Erastin, Galenye Faelern, Karathos, Rikar, and Pentrian the Rabbit. He was also close friends for a long time with Obsidian Fireforge, and the Elf Selowen, who were also residents of Hillhome.


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