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Galenye Faelern

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Galenye Faelern (? - ? AC) was a slim and attractive lady, who had shoulder length black hair, brown eyes and a charming manner. Whilst she learnt the ways of a thief, due to her later companions, she became something of a honorable rogue, rather than a normal disreputable thief. Standing at five foot and seven inches, Galenye normally dressed in gray and black clothing, although on rare occasions she would dress in red to gain the attention of every man in close proximity.

Early Life

Galenye was born in the small Solamnic village of Witdel, around the same time as the Solamnic Knight, Erastin Rivenguard. The two were in fact, childhood sweethearts. After boring of life in Witdel, Galenye traveled to the city of Gwynned in Northern Ergoth. In this distant city, the young lady learnt the skills of a thief, and eked out enough of an existence to survive. However the fledgling thief was caught by the authorities and thrown into an Ergothian jail. The authorities planned to execute the would-be thief, however she escaped the prison before her sentence could be carried out.

Galenye Redeemed

After escaping the jail in Gwynned, Galenye thought it prudent to leave Ergoth altogether, and ultimately returned back to Solamnia. On her return, she become re-acquainted with her former love Erastin, and the two decided to journey together. Her adventures with Erastin changed Galenye dramatically, making her realize that her former thieving ways were selfish, and to use her skills to fight evil instead. The young thief then focused her energy on helping Erastin through his trials to become a Solamnic Knight.

Along with Erastin's other companions, Targin Steelaxe, Karathos, Jilani, Siriath Leafwine, Obsidian Fireforge, Pentrian the Rabbit, and Selowen, Galenye aided Erastin in recovering the Tharkan Axe, famed battle-axe of the hero Flint Fireforge. She continued to fight evil with Erastin and their friends on a number of adventures.


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