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Article written by Uziel & Nilstria Archmagus

Salah (ca. ? - 356 AC) was a khan of the fearsome Khur Tribe, the most powerful tribe amongst the Khurish people. As a warlord of his people, a skilled ranger and accomplished assassin, Salah was not a man to be trifled with. He was described as being tall, muscular and having tanned skin. He had a shaved head and the long traditional Khurish warrior moustache. As an assassin, Salah was fascinated with poisons, and became something of an expert in the use of them. He also became exceedingly paranoid that one day he would be poisoned and always had one of his slaves try anything he ate or drank first. His dragon mount was named Chokingdeath.

Salah by Nilstria Archmagus.
EnlargeSalah by Nilstria Archmagus.
Birth? AC
Death356 AC
Hair ColorNone
Eye ColorUnknown
ClassRanger / Thief
OccupationDragon Highlord of the
Green Dragonarmy

War of the Lance

When the Green Dragonarmy first came to the lands of Khur, the local leaders made it exceedingly difficult for the dark forces to maintain control and a minor rebellion even begun. Even though an alliance between Khur and the Dragonarmies had been drawn up years before, the strong-willed Khur decided not to bow before the weak show of force. Salah viewed this as a perfect opportunity to present his worth to the mighty Ariakas, by offering his services to convince the Khurish people to fall into line, in return for glory for himself and to increase his own tribe's wealth and power.

Salah then used the power of the mighty Khur tribe to put down the minor rebellion and ensure all the other Khurish tribes caused no further trouble. With this success, Ariakas handed over the Green Dragonarmy to Salah, making him the Dragon Highlord. He then assisted in a number of campaigns, including support during the Silvanesti Conflict of 349 AC, and the conquest of Goodlund.

Following the War

With the defeat of the Dragonarmies at the Temple of Neraka by the Whitestone Forces, Salah maintained order over his army and led his surviving Green Dragonarmy forces back to Khur. He maintained a degree of control over Khur and northern Silvanesti for a couple of years, although resistance groups sprung up constantly and harried his remnant forces. Finally in 356 AC, freedom fighters led by Morgan di Kyre, a Solamnic Knight, succeeded in overwhelming the warlord. Salah's body was lost in the sands from whence he emerged.


There are some reports that Salah-Khan in fact joined the Dragonarmies much earlier in the war, and served under Highlord Maldeev as his lieutenant and Highmaster during the Dragonarmy formation period. However these reports directly contradict the chief sources of information surrounding Salah-Khan and are to be discounted.


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