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Maldeev (ca. ? - 345 AC) was a young warrior who originally served in the Blue Wing when the Dragonarmies were first being raised in 332 AC. He was known to be a talented horseman, as well as having a cool head in battle, and served in the mercenary cavalry of the Blue Wing, even rising to the rank of brigade commander.

Birth? AC
Death345 AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationDragon Highlord
SuccessorLucien of Takar

In the early days of his service in Neraka, he was summoned by Takhisis to her temple. She commanded him to found the Black Wing and to rule as one of her Dragon Highlords, alongside her other first Highlords. Maldeev built his army at Shalimsha Tower, deep in the northern part of Khur. He was dragon-bonded to the black dragon Jahet, with whom he commanded the Black Wing.

After numerous battles with Solamnic forces over Lamesh, Maldeev was thrown from Jahet when his dragon was slain and was in turn saved by another black dragon in his Black Wing, Khisanth. Maldeev and Khisanth were then bonded, however during the ritual it was clear to Khisanth that her Highlord was responsible for Jahet's death. Enraged by the death of her friend, Khisanth slew her soul mate. Maldeev's career had been ended several years before the War of the Lance begun.


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