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Vattaan Auchuran

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Vattaan Auchuran (born 347 AC - ? AC) was a tall and slender man, who had long silver hair, tanned bronze skin and dark brown eyes. Vattaan was perpetually surrounded by a glowing light, that seemed to grow even brighter when he was healing someone or in the presence of evil.

Early Life

Vattaan was born in the realm of Heartlund within the Solamnic region, as the son of Lord Heltann Auchuran and Lady Erissa Auchuran. A devout Solamnic family, Vattaan was raised with the expectation that he would become a noble Solamnic Knight like all the males in his family before him. However when Vattaan was only five, a strange old wizard came to Auchuran Keep and told tales of the old gods, which amazed and fascinated the young Solamnic child. The wizard was forced out of the castle by an angered Lord Heltann Auchuran.

War of the Lance

As Vattaan was at the age of 7, war came to Auchuran Keep, with his home assaulted by goblin forces. The young boy attempted to aid the defenders but was struck down by a goblin who managed to enter the keep. Vattaan lay near death for weeks, until Lord Heltann and Lady Erissa begged Paladine for aid. The child awakened shortly afterwards, wearing a single triangle medallion around his neck.

Post War of the Lance

The injuries that Vattaan sustained as a child never quite left him, and he was mentally unable to discern danger, nor was he able to determine something or someone as being bad. However he was a devout follower of Paladine who met the cleric Elistan following the War of the Lance. Despite his slight mental incapacity, Vattaan became one of the greatest healers of the church of Paladine, and a high-ranking cleric. On rare occasions he has become the host of Paladine, as his affected mind can handle having a god within it for short times.

Other Names

Vattaan is sometimes referred to as Vattaan of the Light, or simply as The Healer.


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