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Kartilann (ca. ? - 348 AC) was a fierce warrior woman who originally hailed from the lands of Khur. During the early stages of the War of the Lance, she rose through the ranks of the Blue Dragonarmy with her mount, the fearsome blue dragon Skie. Eventually Ariakas recognised Kartilann's achievements by promoting her to the role of Dragon Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy. In 348 AC, Kartilann was assigned to invade and occupy the New Sea region with her forces.

The Blue Wing sallied forth to Schallsea, where they attempted to subdue the local inhabitants. However the Wemitowuk fought back fiercely and even used elementals against the Dragonarmy forces. The Blue Wing had almost fully defeated the Wemitowuk, when Highlord Kartilann and Skie decided to do a final sweep of Schallsea. A lucky arrow by a sniper on the ground managed to cut down Kartilann during her last flight over Schallsea, killing her instantly. Her lieutenant and highmaster, Kitiara Uth Matar, concluded the battle with the aid of Skie, and became the next Dragon Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy.

After Death

Around the year of 411 AC, the ghost of the Highlord began to haunt the War Memorial in Schallsea. She would aggressively rant of being betrayed and having to reside on the same island as her betrayer. After The Great Storm in 421 AC, Kartilann's spirit no longer haunted the War Memorial. It is unknown after the War of Souls finished if her spirit returned the site in Schallsea.


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