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Giltarald (ca. 369 PC - ? AC) was a powerful Gold Dragon, with scales that were a rich gold in color, and who projected an aura of calm and wisdom about himself. The mighty gold dragon often assumed the forms of unassuming mortals when dealing with others, preferring to remain unnoticed and inconspicuous. The dragon almost always was the picture of serenity, except when threatened by any kind of evil. Giltarald could fly into a rage to destroy the forces of darkness, and use all the might and experience that his 720 years afforded him.

Early Life

Giltarald grew up on the Dragon Isles, contented to remain away from mortals during the exile of the dragons from Ansalon, if it meant that the chromatic dragons were similar kept away. He studied magic and the ways of his fellow dragons further, and continued to grow in might and power. When the news spread that the red dragon Harkiel the Bender and his chromatic kin had stolen the Metallic Dragon eggs, Giltarald almost descended into a mad rage, before calming himself over fear for the metallic children.

War of the Lance

As news reached the Dragon Isles that the metallic eggs were being corrupted into Draconians, Giltarald was one of the very first metallic dragons to enter the War of the Lance. When he met with the Whitestone Forces, the gold dragon was introduced to the Solamnic lord, Gunthar Uth Wistan. Giltarald was surprised to find a kindred spirit in the Solamnic lord, and offered himself to Gunthar as his mount. Lord Gunthar accepted and the pair rode to battle numerous times, devastating the Dragonarmy forces. Giltarald found the ways of humans more interesting than he could have hoped, and often took the form of a Human, wandering out into the world to learn of dark plots and root out evil where possible.

Kender Tales

Giltarald's name was misspelled in Unsung Heroes as "Glitarald". Gilt means gold.


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