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Blaze (ca. 750 PC - ? AC) was a monstrously large male Red Dragon who was every bit as powerful as he was old. The fearsome red wyrm was over 1100 years at the time of the War of the Lance, and kept himself in top physical condition. His scales were the color of burning blood and he bore no scars or visible injuries on his body. Blaze was somewhat vain, but few other dragons could match his raw power. The red dragon measured over three hundred and twenty feet in length, from nose to tail, and was extremely strong-willed and independent.

Early Life

The red dragon began his life in the Abyss serving the great goddess Takhisis. In the dark realm, he grew in might and power to become one of her largest and most powerful servants. It wasn't until shortly before the War of the Lance, that Blaze first entered onto Ansalon and made his presence known.

War of the Lance

When Blaze arrived in Ansalon, his main aim was to survive the War of the Lance, and settle down in a nice cave filled with treasure. During the war he refused a rider, and also refused to enter any conflict in which he might be risking his own life. Blaze most often flew large containers of pitch and flaming oil into battle, dousing the enemies of the Dragonarmies with devastating results before leaving the field. Because Blaze refused many orders and could not be controlled by the Dragon Highlords, he was shifted between armies, but still utilized from time to time as a powerful servant.


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