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Poresche (? - ? AC) was a miniature Red Dragon who had the appearance of a standard red dragon, however somewhat reduced in size. The miniature dragon was fiercely loyal to his mistress Calandria, who he knew from hatching. Whilst he had some of the bloodlust in his veins of his chromatic heritage, due to his upbringing, Poresche grew up to be significantly less evil than his larger counterparts.

Early Life

Before he had even hatched, Poresche's egg was stolen from his parents' lair by a Black Robe mage known as Fortalia. The female mage had planned to alter the egg using a process similar to the creation process of draconians, to create a fiendish servant that was completely loyal to her. She performed several magical rites, which altered the dragon within the egg, however her plan was foiled before completion when Poresche's parents located the mage and slew her, however they were unable to find the egg of their child.

The egg was later found by the red-robed mage Calandria and her adventuring companions. Calandria claimed the egg and when it hatched she raised the young Poresche. The two become the closest of friends, and Poresche was taught about the ways of dragons from metallic dragons, through Calandria's contacts. Poresche displayed at a young age that he had extremely developed senses of sight, hearing and smell, as well as that he was a naturally agile and fast flier. Due to the magic wrought upon his egg, Poresche would never grow to be particularly large, and he aged twice as fast as a normal Krynnish dragon.


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