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Rughar Delvestone

Article written by Gerrin

Rughar Delvestone (? - 423 AC) became Thane of the Daewar after the exodus by Severus Stonehand and his followers. A purist and nearly fanatical Delvestone decides that Jungor Stonesinger proposal of overthrowing Tarn Bellowsgranite was the best course of action for the Daewar. He came to this course after Bellowsgranite defied the council's orders and marched towards Qualinost to help the Elves. Upon Bellowsgranite return and the news of the destruction of the army, Delvestone was outraged and wanted Bellowsgranite removed from office. After the earthquake Delvestone was found at Stonesinger's manor. Refusing to let Glint Ettinhammer in to see Stonesinger, Delvestone was killed by Ettinhammer when he beheaded him with his axe.


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