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Gneiss Truesilver

Article written by Gerrin

Gneiss Truesilver (? - ? AC) was known to have a light brown beard with silver running through it, and normally has jovial features.

War of the Lance

Gneiss Truesilver was an aged old Daewar Thane by the time of the War of the Lance. Unable to command his troops directly Gneiss places them under the command of the Hylar. This decision will lead to future tensions and resentment toward the Hylar.

Chaos War

Gneiss Truesilver was unable to come to the aid of the Hylar during the attack by the dark dwarves. The Daewar had fractured and half were following the teachings of Severus Stonehand. It is unknown whether Truesilver survives the destruction of Thorbardin.


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