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Jeron Redleather

Article written by Gerrin

Jeron Redleather (? - ? PC) was a Thane of the Daewar. Known for his flashiness, Redleather often dressed in rich and colorful attire that seemed to most dwarves nearly pompous and preposterous. Redleather was neither with ruddy cheeks, a pug nose (which was the source of much laughter), burly, bright blue eyed, and golden, flowing, hair. He had gold inlays in his helmet and breastplate (to help make his beard and hair seem more golden). These devices would cause many to underestimate the dwarf's toughness and steadfast courage for Thorbardin.

As senior member of the council and chief of trade, Redleather dealt with Derkin Lawgiver. Redleather agreed to trade terms with Lawgiver but was unable to provide military assistance because of a council vote that was 3-2 against it. It is through this trade agreement that Derkin will receive arms and armor to eventually become the first King of Thorbardin.

Following Derkin's ascension to the throne of Thorbardin, Redleather swears fealty to him. Also within a matter of days Redleather begins a trade agreement with the Qualinesti.


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