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Olim Goldbuckle

Article written by Gerrin

Prince Olim Goldbuckle (? - ? PC) was known not only for his golden beard, blue eyes, or his floral cape but for being given the credit of being the first true thane of the dwarves. Olim was known to have died a couple years before Slide Tolec.

Kal Thax: 2160 PC

In 2160 PC Goldbuckle began his delving into the Theiwar mountain that contained a large cavern. It would take 10 long years before the delving would be complete and finally accessible. Goldbuckle hoped to avoid the fighting with humans invading Kal-Thax and retreat underground sealing his clan off from the others. Even with his plan Goldbuckle continued to honor the Kal-Thax Pact in which all clans would protect one another. This Pact nearly cost the Daewar dearly as the Theiwar withheld their forces from one such vicious invasion. Goldbuckle believed treachery tracked down and slew the Theiwar thane Twist Cutshanks.

Building of Thorbardin: 2150 PC

Upon the arrival of the Hylar, Goldbuckle worked with Colin Stonetooth to device a more safe location. Choosing the beach at the east end of the Urkhan Sea, Goldbuckle built the Daewar city, New Daebardin. Following the assassination of Stonetooth, Goldbuckle took it upon himself to inform Stonetooth's daughter Tera Sharn and her husband Willen Ironmaul of the great leader's death. Those two witnessed a rare sight in the fact that the death of Stonetooth moved Goldbuckle so much it brought tears to his eyes.

The War against the Wizards: 2060 PC

Goldbuckle became the senior thane and served as regent for the council. During the time of crisis Goldbuckle becomes the voice of reason in supporting that Willen Ironmaul must be named regent for the war. He believed that since Ironmaul was Calnar, the Ironmaul would have the experience in operating and defending a large fortress. Conspiring with Willen and Slide Tolec, Goldbuckle and his clan turn the Shaft of Reorx into a weapon. Digging a tunnel to the Shaft the Daewar let water mix with the magma causing a steam that killed many wizards invading Thorbardin. Following the war Goldbuckle surmises that the gates in Thorbardin need to be able to open. Without the Neidar the Holgar (Mountain Dwarves) will not be able to survive.


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