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Thane of the Daewar

Article written by Gerrin

The ruler-ship of the Daewar is passed onto the Dwarf with the best merchant skills in the time of Jeron Redleather, prior to and after, it was selected by the Daewar.

Past Daewar Thanes

Prince Olim Goldbuckle (ca. 2165 PC - 1975 PC) was the first known Thane for the Daewar, and assisted in ratifying the Covenant of the Forge.

Jeron Redleather (ca. 2073 PC) was the ruler during the time of the War of the Mountain.

Gneiss Truesilver (ca. 350 AC - 412 AC) ruled during both the War of the Lance and the Chaos War.

Rughar Delvestone (412 AC - 423 AC) came to power when Severus Stonehand left Thorbardin, and was later killed in the rebellion against Tarn Bellowsgranite.

Current Daewar Thane

The current Thane is unknown, but was named by Jungor Stonesinger following him seizing power.


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