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Glint Ettinhammer

Article written by Gerrin

Glint Ettinhammer (? - 423 AC) was a very strong and powerful dwarf. His appearance marked by his untamed hair and beard was that of a typical Klar. Following the death of Tufa Bloodeye in 413 AC, Ettinhammer was chosen as his successor becoming the next Klar Thane.

Ettinhammer was leading the Klar when Jungor Stonesinger's rebellion began. The Klar, siding with Tarn Bellowsgranite, battled against Stonesinger and his allies. During the early battles Ettinhammer killed the Daewar Thane, Rughar Delvestone. Ettinhammer's leadership and courage kept Bellowsgranite forces from nearly being routed by a cleverly developed betrayal by Bellowsgranite cousin, Daergar Thane Shahar Bellowsmoke. Ettinhammer himself was slain by Zen the Sivak near the end of the rebellion.


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