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Tufa Bloodeye

Article written by Gerrin

Tufa Bloodeye (? - 413 AC) was a Klar Thane known for his determination, stubbornness, and the knowledge to know he wasn't very smart. He always carefully studied the situation to choose the best possible course of action. Bloodeye received the name because of the crimson blood spots in his eyes. Even so the Klar thane was always cheerful and enthusiastic about life.

Bloodeye was the Klar thane during both the War of the Lance and Chaos War. During the Chaos War he and his clan agreed to betray the Hylar. This act of betrayal nearly cost everyone his or her lives when Chaos was unleashed. During the battle with Chaos several Klar began to help support the Hylar in their fight. After the battle Tarn Bellowsgranite pardons Bloodeye and the Klar for their attack on the Hylar.


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