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Thane of the Klar

Article written by Gerrin

The ruler-ship of the Klar seems nearly impossible to tell how they choose their thanes.

Previous Klar Thanes

Bole Trune (ca. 2148 PC) was the first recognized Thane of the Klar.

Pakka Trune (ca. 2128 PC) was the Klar thane during the war between the Dwarves and the wizards of High Sorcery.

Trom Thule (ca. 2111 PC) was Thane during the time of the Kinslayer War.

Tufa Bloodeye (? - 413 AC) became Thane sometime before the War of the Lance, and ruled until he died in 413 AC.

Glint Ettinhammer (413 AC - 423 AC) took over rulership following Tufa. Was killed two years after the War of Souls during the rebellion in Thorbardin.

Current Klar Thane

The current Thane is unknown, but was named by Jungor Stonesinger following him seizing power.


Shale Silverhand (421 AC) was said to have been the Klar thane who voted on whether or not to dig the tunnels to Qualinost, but he wasn't a ruler since Glint took over following Tufa.


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