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Tap Tolec

Article written by Gerrin

Tap Tolec (ca. 2109 PC - ? PC) was a slave in the mines of Klanath, and Tap worked with Derkin Lawgiver to gain the freedom of his fellow slaves in the mine. For his involvement with the revolt, Derkin named Tap Tolec his first of his Ten. Tap Tolec helps Derkin first win the Wilderness Wars and then become the first King of Thorbardin. For his actions following the war, Tap Tolec was given the title of Thane of the Theiwar unanimously by his people. One of Tap Tolec's first acts was to grant amnesty to Swing Basto and his followers. Another act was to proclaim that the Theiwar were firmly supporting the power of Derkin.

Tap was a former Neidar Dwarf who became a Mountain Dwarf following the Wilderness Wars. He was known to have broad shoulders and long arms. A legend in his family said that he was a descendant of the great Slide Tolec.


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