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Slide Tolec

Article written by Gerrin

Slide Tolec (? - ? PC) was given control of the Theiwar by his own clan after the apparent death of Glome the Assassin. Tolec was often cited for not wanting to be a leader but proved to be one of the clans most effective thanes. It was through the efforts of Prince Olim Goldbuckle, Willen Ironmaul, and Slide Tolec that Thorbardin prospered. He was one of the thanes that agreed to the Covenant of Thanes. Slide Tolec also participated in the war of defense against the wizard invasion. Following the death of Slide Tolec, Thorbardin enters a dark age in its history.

Slide was known to have been long armed, broad-shouldered, gray haired in his older years, and knew pretty much the mood of the people of Thorbardin.


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