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Glome the Assassin

Article written by Gerrin

Glome the Assassin (ca. 2157 PC - Early Spring, 2148 PC) took control of the Theiwar following the death of Twist Cutshanks at the hands of Olim Goldbuckle. Glome was the Thane of the Theiwar at the founding of Thorbardin. As the Hylar helped direct the building of Thorbardin, Glome grew angry and jealous of them. This anger and jealousy would lead to his eventual demise as thane of the Theiwar. Glome believing that the Daewar were hiding secret treasures and so he led a suicide attack against them and was believed to be dead following that.

Glome later led a rebellion against the Hylar and succeed in killing the Hylar thane Colin Stonetooth. Following the assassination, Glome believed that the rest of Thorbardin would regard him as a hero but was killed quickly as a traitor by Slide Tolec with his axe. The swing of the blade almost cut Glome in two.

Glome was known to have quick, close-set eyes with a heavy brow. It was unknown where Glome originally hailed from, but it was possible that he came from one of the Einar tribes.


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