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Thane of the Theiwar

Article written by Gerrin

The Thane of the Theiwar is decided by combat, unanimous selection by the Theiwar or through a series of challenges. The winner or chosen one rules until death.

Previous Theiwar Thanes

Crouch Redfire (? - 2160 PC) was the first known Theiwar Thane and was assassinated by Glome the Assassin.

Twist Cutshanks (2160 PC - 2157 PC) followed the Theiwar Thane Crouch Redfire and led Theiwar when the Hylar first arrive at Kal-Thax. He was later killed by Olim.

Glome the Assassin (ca. 2157 PC - 2155 PC) seized power as thane following the death of Twist. He was later killed when he tried to take over all the dwarves and killed Colin Stonetooth.

Slide Tolec (ca. 2155 PC - ? PC) was given control of the Theiwar by his own clan after the apparent death of Glome the Assassin. He ruled as the most wise of all the Thiewar Thanes, and later stepped down in his old age.

Swing Basto (ca. ? - 2109 PC) was a ruler of the Theiwar during Wilderness Wars, and retired following those and was pardoned by Tap.

Tap Tolec (ca. 2109 PC - ? PC) was granted the title of Thane following the Wilderness Wars by his people. Unknown how long he ruled for.

Realgar (ca. 251 AC - 351 AC) was Thane before the War of the Lance came to the areas around Thorbardin. He was working with the Dragonarmies by supplying them. When Glade Hornfel Kytil found out, he challenged Realgar and killed him for betrayal.

Pounce Quickspring (351 AC - 383 AC) became Thane during the War of the Lance following the demise of Realgar. He later died when the armies of Chaos attacked Thorbardin.

Ebon Flame (? - 421 AC) was the thane who may have agreed with digging the tunnels under Qualinost. It is unknown how he lost power before the War of Souls.

Current Theiwar Thane

Brecha Quickspring (421 AC - Current AC) How Brecha came to power is unknown. After the War of Souls, Brecha Quckspring remained the Thane of the Theiwar and loyal to Jungor Stonesinger.


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