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The bündesphar were a unit of specialist scouts in the army of the Dark Knights. They were considered eccentric and extremely dangerous. This reputation served the scouts, keeping them separated from many normal military matters and able to perform their secret, sacred mission. Each bündesphar carries two curved daggers.

A bündesphar and his wülfbunde by sticko.
EnlargeA bündesphar and his wülfbunde by sticko.

The scouts share the Bond with their wolves, the Wülfbunde, a love the same as Takhisis had for her wolf, Canus, known as the Faithful and Lord of Wolves. The Bond allows the scouts to hunt The Dark, remnants of the powers of darkness from the Age of Might, "threads from the mantle of Father Chaos." The Bond is an imperfect barrier against the Dark's influence.

They have served in many wars over the years, including the War of the Lance, and even into the past with the Age of Might.

Chaos War

During the Chaos War, they were originally scouts for the Dark Knights. When the war turned against the forces of Chaos, the Bündesphar hunted down and destroyed many of the creatures of Chaos.

Age of Mortals

Following the Chaos War, the Bündesphar continue to hunt down and destroy the reminents of Chaos. Many changed to the worship of Mishakal following the War of Souls, when she returned to Krynn. A few still stayed loyal to the Knights of Takhisis, but following Takhisis's untimely death, they are now in process of changing their views in the world.

Some of the more famous Bündesphar were Arana, Brek, Jaren, Karn, and Syllany.


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